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Frozen Mahi Mahi and Splenda in Sorbet report


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Frozen Mahi Mahi and Splenda in Sorbet report

Foodie2 | Apr 11, 2006 12:01 PM

Inspired by the board frozen fish discussion a few weeks ago, I picked up a bag of frozen mahi mahi at the store, and got around to it last night. I defrosted via the bowl of water method, and was concerned at the texture of the defrosted fish -- not at all like fresh fish, a little rubbery, a little "sturdier" than it should have been... but I baked at 400 in a soy/sherry/scallion/garlic/ginger/ sesame oil sauce (fairly generous with the sauce), and it came out delicious. Not, you know, fresh fish excellence, but a nice mid-week easy healthy protein-filled meal.

I also made Epi's buttermilk lemon sorbet, to somewhat disastrous results (2 guests wouldn't eat it)... I used Splenda instead of sugar (which I've done before to middlin results), but I had mixed the base up Sunday night, including the splenda, tasted it, and it tasted fine. Stuck it in the fridge, froze it yesterday in the ice cream maker, and it tasted almost salty. I frantically added more buttermilk, lemon, and splenda, but the saltiness remained, peeking through everything. Has anyone else had this happen? Is it a chemical reaction between the splenda and the buttermilk/lemon? Can you not let things made with splenda sit around overnight? I'd like to know, since I'm trying to cut down on sugar.

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