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frozen empanada dough question


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frozen empanada dough question

Nancy | Feb 7, 2003 01:13 PM

i've been able to find la fe and goya brand discs at various groceries in manhattan as well as the stanky key food in billyburg. problem is, i don't love how they taste. the la fe ones are apparently ok for frying or baking, while the goya ones are meant to be fried...tried baking them once and they tasted pretty bad. anyway, when i've had empanadas in restaurants, baked ones have usually had a sort of pie-dough texture, while fried ones had a crispy corn shell. the la fe ones, baked at 400 degrees for 15 minutes (i was guessing) tasted more like crackers, and the fried goya ones tasted like hardened, bubbly dough, not really like corn or anything. i actually still like them (good fillings) but don't love them. any suggestions for different baking/frying times/temps? or should i just be buying different dough?

i am definitely willing to try some of the bakeries in queens for their own frozen dough. the la fe and goya ones are usually around $1 +/- .20 for 10 discs...are the bakery ones priced similary? also wondering if any of those bakeries sell mini discs? would be perfect for party appetizers.

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