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The ":)"...Friendly or passive agressive?

schrutefarms | Mar 26, 201507:33 PM

Sometimes I write something with the best intentions, read it back, find that it could be misread as snarky, so I add a ":)", to let whoever reading it that I meant no snark. However, I have read very snarky coments with a ":)", which makes the whole thing seem very passive agressive. I know (from having relationships with signifigant others and friends) that emails and texts are not always read how they would have been said, prompting arguments and misunderstandings. So...what are your thoughts on the ":)" on Chowhound? Have you had a comment directed at you that was straight-up combative, but didn't feel like you could retaliate, since they wrote in a ":)"? Have you written something aggresive to someone but followed it up with a ":)" so you wouldn't have to face possible confrontation? No wrong answers, just curious. :)

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