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What's fried rice to you?


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What's fried rice to you?

RealMenJulienne | Nov 3, 2010 11:59 PM

Just bought a plate of fried rice and I got to wondering how many different kinds are represented on Chowhound. The one I just bought was cooked on a street cart in Beijing, with a good inch of oil in the bottom of the wok. It has finely chopped egg and carrot, shredded cabbage, cucumber, and scallion. Other seasonings are chili oil, soy sauce, salt, sugar, and some brown powder which I *think* is 5-spice. The whole thing ends up being a toasty brown-orange color and the flavor comes more from the wok hei and hot oil than from any of the ingredients.

Our family Taiwanese fried rice is very different because it's made in a skillet on a home stove. The rice is fried separately from the egg, carrot, scallions, peas, and char siu pork and everything is combined at the end so you get larger chunks of scrambled egg and more distinct ingredient flavors. Also we never use any seasonings but salt and pepper; soy sauce never touches it so stays pretty white.

So just for fun describe your typical fried rice and where it comes from.

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