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"Fried Green Tomatoes" in winter


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"Fried Green Tomatoes" in winter

eclectick6n2 | Mar 8, 2010 10:57 AM

I miss fried green tomatoes so much in the winter. The other day it dawned on me, I could cut tomatillos into slices, bread them and fry them as I did my tomatoes. I am a botanist and although I've heard people say that tomatillos aren't tomatoes, they are not gooseberries or anything but another member of the Solanaceae family as are tomatoes. They are a different species but are delicious as "fried green tomatoes". Take a good look at the seeds.

I love fried green tomatoes because they are tart and the tomatillos really fill that bill. I'm saved, as I can get tomatillos all year round.

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