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Friday night dinners- I'm nosey!


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Friday night dinners- I'm nosey!

chef chicklet | Apr 25, 2009 02:34 PM

I don't know about all of you, but we generally try to go out Frinday evenings, or what I really enjoy doing is, I make pizza on Friday nights. Understand, with a little 3 year old, we're sort of limited to the establishments. And as long as they are noisy, I'm willing to take him. But nothing where if he got tired and started to voice that, well, I don't want to disturb other diners. Fridays nights are special.

Anyway, I thought about making pizza or we possibly go out for pizza, then decided no, I wanted something a little different. But what?

No surprise to anyone, we are being careful with our dollars and I know this much, I did want cheese, lots and lots of gooey cheese, I guess my body is programmed for Friday night pizza and that's the one need that I had to meet.

Finally I decided on thick grilled cheese sandwiches with thick slices of fresh tomato. And because I had already cleaned them, split pea soup with ham. For dessert I made Crazy Coconut Pie. What prompted that was that yesterday on the boards there was some chatter about clafouti and I love that stuff. However, I didn't want to go to the store for fruit and I do want to use what I have. (watching those dollars again!)

The grilled cheese sandwiches were the best. Using a potato bread and lots of butter, I added some thick slices of fontina, a little shredded cheddar, and a healthy sprinkling of freshly grated parmesean. The time it took to cook the sandwiches on the grill, made the buttered bread nice and crunchy, yet soft, and the tomatoes were completely encased in a swaddling of gooey cheese. It is my opinion, Fontina, drips, oozes like no other cheese, I love that stuff. Oh my, and when we bit into the tomato, the warm juice was just to die for. We were soooo happy. These sandwiches were so big and rich, I could only eat half, but not to worry, the hubby he rescued me.

The split pea soup was really thick and creamy (no milk) but the peas had cooked down to a very creamy mix, and the carrots were cut larger, so you could tell they were carrots. I had added quite a bit of garlic while cooking the onions, and it was well worth it. I sauteed the ham in it, so the ham (from Easter) was well seasoned with garlic, and had brown crispy edges. Nice job.

The Crazy Coconut Pie with toasted coconut, let me tell you, it was so light and delicious!
Ok, so I cheated using canned whipping cream, oh what the heck, for entertainment value alone it was fun to play with. But the pie, if you want to call it that, there is no crust, the toasted coconut forms sort of a crunchy golden top, and with the light custard underneath, um, well it could get totally out of hand.

I have to really use restraint and not take a huge slice with this stuff, I literally can eat the whole thing. Only two eggs, but there's the sugar and all....well anyway, for a really simple dessert that is made from scratch (usually I make the whipped cream) it's a very nice dessert. It takes about 3 minutes to make, not counting the time to toast the coconut. But it really is worth it! And if you need an inexpensive dessert to bring to a party, this little pie with whipped cream, oh and don't forget the chocolate sprinkles, in my opinion is the dessert to do!

So my friends, that was my Fridany night dinner. A total hit.
Tell me now... how was yours?

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