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Fresh silverware with new courses

Bkeats | Jan 14, 201407:52 AM

Inspired by the chopsticks thread, I have to bring up an annoyance of mine.

You go to a restaurant and order starters. They bring salad, app or whatever I've ordered.. I use the fork and knife to eat it. I finish and leave the dirty fork and knife on the plate. The server comes by and whisks the plate off the table taking the knife and fork.

Now the main courses come to the table. No new silverware is brought. So what am I supposed to do? Pick things up and eat it with my hands? So I spend 2-3 minutes trying to flag someone down to bring me a knife and fork.

Small thing I ask of servers/resto management, if you don't plan on normally giving new silverware to your patrons with a new course, can you tell me to take the knife and fork off the plate and keep them before you take it away?

Even better, can you train your staff to replace any silverware you remove when you clear plates?

Best of all, plan to change the silverware with the courses for the entire table as a rule so you don't have this problem. That way you can give the proper utensils to go with the meal to each diner - e.g. steak knife to go with the steak.

I've noticed that my local neighborhood places that follow the last policy have much more professional and polished FOH staff that just makes for a better experience.

Its a small thing but that's why its so annoying. I don't want to have to ask for a fork to eat my pasta.

I'll leave the timing of pours by the server from the bottle of wine I bought which is being kept somewhere else to another time.

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