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Fresh ham help

italianyc84 | Feb 28, 2013 08:27 AM

Right on the tails of my pork shoulder post from yesterday, I now need help with a fresh ham as well! The pork shoulder is for Easter, but I've been summoned to make some kind of roast for Palm Sunday. I thought about doing a trial run on the pork shoulder, but some of the same family members will be present, so I'd like to make a fresh ham (raw, not cured). I've never made one and have only ever eaten it once, years ago, but I remember absolutely loving it.

From what I gather, I intend to ask my butcher for an 8-10 pound raw fresh ham from the shank portion of the pig, with the bone and fat still intact. Does that sound right? I've gone through all the threads and I understand a lower cook time--say 250-275--is best, and cooking to an internal temperature of 150ish is the way to go, since the carryover will bring it up to 160. How many minutes per pound?

My plan is to simply rub it down with mustard, salt, pepper and make deep incisions in the roast to insert some garlic.

For those who didn't read my other thread, the same rules apply to this one--I have to cook it at my house, transport it to my mother's house to be eaten there, so it won't be eaten until about 4 hours after it comes out of the oven. My plan is to follow the wonderful directions I was given on that thread for the pork shoulder--cook it, double wrap in heavy duty foil, then wrap in two large towels and set in a cooler to keep it warm. I'll blast it with heat at my mother's house to get the skin crisp.

If anyone sees any problem with anything I'm writing, please let me know
:-) I guess my question is--how long per pound should I cook a fresh bone in ham cut from the shank? I'm assuming the cook time will be far less than for a fatty cut like a shoulder. Since it's going back in the oven at my mother's house, should I maybe pull it out of the oven at 145, so it doesn't dry out?

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