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French fry and onion ring recipes


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French fry and onion ring recipes

Brandon Nelson | Dec 28, 2002 11:59 AM

Santa was kind...

After toying with the idea of a deep fryer my parents indulged me (along with great grandma's doughnut recipe and her doughnut cutter). My wife is dreading what the deep fried fare will do to her figure.

Anyway... it has been a good long time since I made either fries or onion rings. I could use the collective wisdom and pallete of the hounds to acheive deep fried nirvanna. If it is a recipe you can share, or just a general suggestion please post. If you have a favorite copyrighted recipe please email me. Even though fys and rings have been mentioed any fried chicken or calamari recipes will be appreciated too.

Thanks to you all. I hope your winter holidays (my married family consistes of jewish and christian) were warm ,happy and delicious. My lovely wife and I wish you all a very happy 2003.


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