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The Chowhound Team | Dec 30, 200311:49 AM

There's been some confusion here lately that we'd like to address.
Chowhound is a moderated discussion. This means we reserve the right to set boundaries, and to delete postings. Since we attract such opinionated people, everyone has an opinion on how the board should be moderated. But while we encourage everyone to opine profusely about food, our boundaries are not up for debate. It's critical that we preserve the signal-to-noise ratio of the discussion (i.e. keep it focused and informative), and if we run debates re: what does/does not belong and re: our requests and rules, this will no longer be a discussion of food, it will be a discussion of a discussion of food! And that's not useful. So we ask everybody to simply roll with our umpire decisions, even if you disagree (which is inevitable). Even if it's imperfect, moderation preserves focus, and Chowhound is remarkably focused.
Not everyone likes moderated discussion; some folks get indignant being told what's suitable and what's not. Such people should stop participating, because they'll find it a frustrating experience.
This kosher board is ONLY for discussion of specifically kosher chow issues. Anything else belongs on the appropriate other message board. That includes issues with moderation, so if you have questions or comments, please address them to our Site Talk board, not here. Off-topic postings here (that is, postings not specifically about kosher chow) will be deleted, including replies to this.

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