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New format listing postings based on 'date started' - BAD IDEA!

Charles Yu | Feb 18, 201505:11 PM     4

Architects responsible in designing this current new board format should really rethink and give functionality and efficiency more consideration!
Casing point: Posting providing information and seeking updates from fellow hounds will be totally lost on a busy board by the time new updated information comes to light and available to be posted!
My recent posting and question about Seattle's Canlis' new chef, though posted only a couple of hours ago, was already lost and get pushed all the way to the next page! Even though new postings on the board were far and few.
How would such format effectively attract hounds to provide feedback responses? Who would spend and/or wastes time checking old posting located a few pages back even though latest updates are posted only very frequently?!
A way to effectively tie together old original posting to recent responses and letting hounds be aware of these new responses should somehow be highlighted?!

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