Force Blue or Mineral B? Skillet or Crepe pan?

DuffyH | Feb 27, 201308:29 AM     29

After owning a de Buyer FB crepe pan for 3 months, and loving it, I want to buy another, but am on the fence about whether to go for another FB or spring for the thicker Mineral B. I'm also not sure if I want another crepe pan or a skillet. I'm looking to replace my heavy Tramontina mid-size cast aluminum non-stick. Here's what I have and what I use it for:

8" Force Blue crepe - single egg, crepes, single grilled cheese, 2-egg omelet
8" Tramontina NS - Frying taco shells and not much else
10" Calphalon Tri-Ply skillet - 2 eggs, sautéing chicken, pork and beef, and for pan sauces.
10" Tramontina NS - Hash Browns, 2 eggs, not much else.
12" Calphalon TP skillet - Sautéing or roasting anything too big to fit in the smaller 10"
12 Tramontina NS - Sautéing fish, stir frying, multiple grilled sandwiches

I've also got a 14" Calphalon TP stainless pan with 4" sides that I use mostly for frying large batches of chicken, tortilla strips, etc... anything that I want to deep fry.

I want to use the new pan for sautéing fish, cooking multiple eggs/omelets, for hash browns, burgers and grilled sandwiches. I'm wondering mostly about the responsiveness/heat retention properties of the thinner Force Blue vs Mineral B. Things are further complicated right now because I'm using a smooth top electric range. I'll be switching to induction later. I'm thinking crepe pan rather than skillet, because I've got the stainless for pan sauces, but again, I'm on the fence.

Will the FB handle burgers and give me the sear I want? Will Mineral B respond fast enough when I pull it off the heat if it's too hot for my eggs? Which would you recommend, FB or MB, crepe or skillet? Thanks!

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