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Foraging Board?

Pipenta | Aug 19, 2013 08:45 AM

I'd love to see a mushroom board. They ain't animal/meat and they ain't plant/vegetable, we're talking a whole different KINGDOM. Lots of ignorance about the topic. The US is largely a mycophobic country, but that's changing. Still, I don't know if there are enough mycophiles here to carry a board... yet.

But what about a foraging board? A hunter/gatherers board? Not everyone has land for a garden or a backyard for chickens. Wild foods are getting more attention, but it isn't like they ever really went away.

It would encompass wild plants, fish, game & mushrooms, aspects of gathering/catching (locations, regulations, methods) and the obvious prep and recipes, festivals, specialty restaurant and chefs.

It's a happening thing and it would get more interest if it was all under one roof, errr, on one board.

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