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Most foolish electric gadget you have bought?

exvaxman | Jan 28, 200807:10 PM

I really used to be an addict for anything with a cord that went into the kitchen, until one day looking at the overloaded shelves in the basement, kitchen and bomb shelter, I realized that most were nothing but a fancy shell with a calrod element. I purged most everything, but kept a few of things because they do things better than any other - like the (multiple) toastmaster grills that were the precursor to the Foreman series - when doing any sort of strip meat it just looks better coming out of them when you don;t want the cleanup of the (inside ancient built in gas grill). The cusinart pull-apart waffle maker (for cub scout breakfasts). The (please don't hurt me!) electric omlet maker some woman was promoting on TV (Bought a couple at goodwill - unused - just fantastic when I have to pre-prep 100 omlets for cub scouts), the older sunbeam steamer/grill that has a well in the center for liquid flavors and trapping fats (Great for fish), The Ronco showtime for when I am short on time and have to multi-task (I gave a dozen of these for an xmas a few years ago when rebuilts showed up on Amazon for $30) (And yes, I do have in indoor gas grill with a rotisserie, just have to stand there and watch due to drips), and as much as I don;t like it, the nu-wave oven that I keep at my father's so he can have fried foods without the frying. The American Gourmet vacuum marinator/tumbler that I stripped every store out of units when they were closing out for $20 to give as xmas gifts - makes all the difference in the world when doing (cheaper) cuts of beef (for cub scouts & Little league). The last one I am sure folks will hate me for - but the westinghouse electric mashed potato maker - I leave it at my father's who is an addict for mashed potatos so I can stop by and cut potatos and leave. I'm leaving out the more expensive ones, just mentioning the cheaper ones. So what electric vice gadgets do you have that you can't get rid of?

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