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Whole Foods (WFM) rant

Just Visiting | Mar 19, 2013 03:43 PM

I spend a fortune at the WFM in Friendship Heights. And each time I go there, I brace for the frustration of dealing with their inability to keep shelves stocked and products available. I realize that sometimes it is the manufacturer, but when it is a WFM product, why is it that the item is sometimes missing for weeks on end? Now it is the Early Bird Multi-seed Bread. First they claimed it was recalled. Funny, but it isn't listed on the WFM recall page. Now it is a warehouse problem. I've taken to "defensive buying" - when they have a product that is one of our standard items but that they seem to have trouble stocking, I buy a half dozen or even a dozen. Apologies to the rest of you, but its a jungle out there. But even when it isn't something unusual like this, they just don't seem to get that they can't sell what they don't put out on the shelf. Time after time, they stroll "to the back" or "to the freezer" and presto - the item is back there. They just didn't put it on the shelf. What is that about? And yet the aisles are always clogged with stockers putting items on the shelf, so I know they get the basic concept.

Don't they ever look at the data on what sells and how fast? Sheesh. Giant mastered this years ago. Giant was famous for re-stocking its stores overnight by looking at what sold the day before.

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