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Are there any foods you prefer "as is"?

Caroline1 | Mar 3, 200811:55 PM

For me, I prefer my lobster steamed and only with drawn butter and lemon. I think it's a huge waste to use it in compound dishes, or to cream it as in a newburg, and I'd rather have a lobster and a roll than a lobster roll. I strongly prefer any kind of fish roe alone. I love salmon roe. I want my sea urchin fresh from the shell with a spoon, but when I'm desperate, I will order sushi uni and eat the urchin roe alone, then eat the rice. I love top grade sturgeon roe, preferably beluga, but don't like any kind of caviar as a garnish. If it's not good enough to eat alone, it's not good enough to eat in my book. Oh, and avocados. I'd rather have a plain avocado, but will eat guacamole as long as it doesn't have huge chunks of raw onion in it to sit on the avocado flavor. I think that about covers it for me. What kinds of things do you prefer in their pristine form?

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