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Foods That Make You Happy


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Foods That Make You Happy

jfood | Oct 6, 2008 06:22 PM

A few other threads and a crazy day gave thought to this. Woke up with a back ache so no exercise, 10 meetings, no breakfast, no lunch, market down 800 points, lots of good progress on things, one cup of coffee and a stale small bag of Famous Amos Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Now onto dinner. Jfood opens the freezer and stares and smiles. There is still some hazan bolognese, some lasagne and he remembered he made Emeril's Banan Cream Pie. So what to choose. Yup, all three.

So while mrs jfood is finishing up shopping with little jfood, he gets his dinner going and prepares Mrs jfood's salmon.

She walks in, looks at the dinner table and says, "Wow, either a tough day or a great day."

So the question is....What food make the long days end better than you thought around lunchtime?

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