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Foods You Enjoy for Breakfast that are non-typical


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Foods You Enjoy for Breakfast that are non-typical

KaimukiMan | Jun 12, 2011 02:05 AM

yes, prompted by that other breakfast thread.... i do like many 'typical' breakfast foods, but i also like some non traditional ones, especially leftovers.

top on my list would be cold leftover pizza. on a warm summer morning (or almost any morning in Honolulu) it really hits the spot. just love it for breakfast. i go out of my way to make sure at least a slice or two is leftover after having pizza the night before.

pie - my favorite is apple, and most of the time pecan is too sweet, but in a pinch it will do. If i liked pumpkin i am sure it would be on my list.

stew - one of the best reasons for owning a microwave is heating up things like beef stew for breakfast.

spaghetti - or other similar pasta dish. again the microwave is a hero.

oddly enough sandwiches are not on my list, although there should be a law that leftover turkey, ham, or roast beef must be reserved for the making of sandwiches, but for me thats snack, lunch, or even dinner food, not breakfast.

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