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whole foods customer service - rant


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whole foods customer service - rant

misomom | May 19, 2009 03:51 PM

I went to the Whole Foods at Lincoln and Rose (Venice) today. I bought both pork and beef ribs, already cooked, at the smoke house counter. The pork ribs were sold by the rack, at $17.99 for a 24 ounce rack. The beef ribs were sold by the pound. My beef ribs weighed 1.5 pounds (24 oz). I felt a discrepancy in weight as I picked up one package in each hand. I mentioned to the counter woman that the pork ribs felt significantly lighter than 24 oz. She shrugged. She then told me that they're sold by the piece, not by weight. I asked why, then, was 24 oz stated on both the sign and the label. I told her that they should fix their signs to not state that something was a weight when it was clearly under it. I asked her to weigh it. She didn't, so I placed my double wrapped ribs on her scale. They came out as 1.2 pounds including her wrapping. There were three ribs just sitting on top of the other slabs. I thought she would add them to my order to make it closer to the stated weight. She didn't. I didn't ask her to. It was clear that she was over it. My problem, not hers.

I thought she might acknowledge the discrepancy, and the need for a change. She didn't. She looked at me with major attitude. It was quite disconcerting and sad to me. I'm not someone who complains, ever, and I chose to speak up because their pricing and advertising were just wrong. It was the point of the matter. How she chose to respond and act really turned me off. Am I off base here? What would you have done?

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