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Food and Wine: a morganatic marriage.


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Food and Wine: a morganatic marriage.

RicRios | Nov 6, 2005 07:16 PM

Reader beware: this post is extremely far from being based on democratic ideas.

MORGANATIC: Of or being a legal marriage between a person of royal or noble birth and a partner of lower rank, in which it is agreed that no titles or estates of the royal or noble partner are to be shared by the partner of inferior rank nor by any of the offspring of the marriage.

[New Latin morganticus, from Medieval Latin (mtrimnium ad) morganticam, (marriage for the) morning-gift, of Germanic origin.]

Having clarified the above meaning, let me explain the reason for this post.
I'm sick and tired of the issue of this dish / wine goes with this wine / dish.
My short take here is: be always prepared to have morganatic arrangements.


C'm on, lets face it: how many times can you arrange a wedding between absolutely same-level partners ?
The only basic key is, you must be quick in identifying the nobler half of the deal.

If you happend to find out the dish is King, make a quick map of the terrain, look at vinous alternatives, concentrate on the dish, use the gobelet as background music.

Is the wine the heavenly partner? Just switch your gears, the glass makes up the dish. Think of the solid stuff as the medium to enhance your pleasure.

Can you attempt to match partners of similar characteristics? Sure, you'll never try to marry a cat and a dog, but even between dog and dog, chances are the match will never ever be perfect, or even reasonable. The quick-mapping strategy above can help maximize your enjoyment to a happy Hollywood ending.

Practical examples follow:

Practical example a)
I've been served heavenly white Alba truffles with
a1) Champagnes
a2) Barolos
a3) White Burgundies

I always enjoyed the pairings. Why? Because I was thinking on the truffles all the time.
The moment I shift my focus, I loose.

Practical example b)
Something superb like, say, a 1990 Rayas Chateauneuf-du-Pape, you just can't serve with anything.
OK, crackers maybe. Anything else will just distract your attention from that brief window to paradise.

Practical example c)
You are presented with wine A and dish B.
Make a quick map, focus on the nobler half of the morganatic pair, acknowledge the situation, enjoy.

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