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Food treasures from 'trash'


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Food treasures from 'trash'

saucyknave | Feb 2, 2003 11:12 PM

What are some of the things you use in your cooking that most people probably throw away (or that you sometimes do)?

In an earlier post I mentioned saved lemon zest and Sylvia G suggested we have a thread dedicated to "treasure from trash."

Some of my treasure from trash items:

Whenever I'm using lemon juice, I will usually zest the lemon first. I store microplaned grated zest in vodka which I then add to all sorts of things, both sweet and savory, including my quick pasta with oil, parsley, and assorted and varying other things. Yesterday I added some to mayo to make a sauce for cold, leftover poached fishs. When lazy, I peel it off with a vegetable peeler for later julienne. The infused vodka can also be used, of course.

Whenever I get organic citrus, I always save the peel to make candied peel. Sooo good. And an especially good treat for sugar freaks, because the flavor is so intense, just a few pieces will satisfiy you. I also keep a jar of dried tangerine peel that I add to braises. If anyone has other good uses for this, let me know, please.

Like others, I use bones from chicken, meats, and fish (including fish heads) to make stock, freezing away excess. I will sometimes do so with shellfish shells. If there's more than my immediate need calls for, I freeze it away. Wonderful to have on hand.

Again, like others, I will save ham bones for beans and lentil soups.

It would be good to hear what other things people make from bits of food that all too often are just thrown away.

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