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Food textures -- do they ick you out?

Firegoat | May 31, 200809:50 AM

I've always had an issue with food textures. Some I just can't outgrow. The problem is, some of the textures belong to foods so common that they totally limit my food cooking and tasting ability.

I know I'm not alone, a cousin has the same problem. It isn't that we don't like the food. Or the flavor of it, its just when that texture hits between the teeth.... an instant gag reflex starts.

Some of the textures that do it for me are onions cooked in something. (onion rings are fine and love onion powder, and the smell of fried onions.) Tomatoes cooked in something. (ketchup, tomato sauce, marinara is fine.... love salsa but won't eat the chunks.) Pickles in a sandwich. (Pickles alone with a bit of mustard is fine.)

So here is my problem. I've tried and tried, and just can't get past it. The gag reflex is fast and certain.

Does anyone else have this problem? And have you found a solution?

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