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food storage for open pantry

poochiechow | Mar 1, 201209:23 AM

i live in a small apartment with an even smaller kitchen (sigh). needless to say, for the avid home cook, over a period of years this has become a total storage nightmare! i'm now investing in some chrome wire shelving that promises to restore my sanity.

i'm thinking of open storage (ie, instead of bins), since the space is small enough as it is. i think i'd like to get some glass jars for flour, sugar, other dry goods... but while these items are all over the place, i'm wondering about a few things:

1) has anyone ever bought from a wholesale kind of place, like the webstaurant store? for something like this, for example: http://www.webstaurantstore.com/ancho...
these are SO much cheaper... i'm wondering if they are as nice or if when you buy something in a 'case' quantity you're asking for crap.

2) from a food safety perspective, is there some advantage to getting something from container store or chefs catalog, etc, vs. just getting cheap glass jars at IKEA? i've always kept things in their bags (and then in a freezer bag) so i don't know anything about these and i don't want some dreaded flour bugs, etc.

3) is glass going to be ridiculously heavy with 5 lbs of flour/sugar in it? i just think it's so much prettier than acrylic.

any suggestions on storage, styling chrome wire shelves so it doesn't look like my kitchen is a garage, etc, etc welcome. :) i'm sure there are some fellow small-kitchen owners here who can commiserate/share innovative storage ideas...

thanks in advance!

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