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Food in spoons

Deenso | Oct 25, 2007 09:16 AM

I'm planning to have about 8 guests for a casual dinner party, so we'll be a total of 10. I'll have a charcuterie plate to start (salami, prosciutto, olives, cheese, etc.) and probably an autumn salad of some sort - maybe beets/apples/goat cheese on a bed of mixed lettuces. Then, rather than a sit-down, full-plate meal, I'd like to serve a bunch of things in flat-bottomed Japanese soup spoons, laid out on large trays. (I believe I can buy disposable plastic ones in bulk, so I wouldn't have to be constantly washing and drying during the party.) In addition to the charcuterie plate and the salad, I was thinking about the following to be served on the spoons:

- piped out salmon mousse, topped with a little sprig of dill or salmon roe (or both)
- squash- or potato-filled ravioli with tomatoes and leeks (2 or 3 small ones in each spoon), garnished with a leaf of flat parsley
- seared, bacon-wrapped scallops (one per spoon), don't know what kind of garnish
- yellow rice topped with ropa vieja or picadillo, garnished with a slice of green olive
- baby lamb chops - not on a spoon, but laid out on a tray and garnished with roasted tomatoes and rosemary sprigs
- for dessert: half a roasted fig (or, if I can't find fresh in Phoenix, maybe reconstitute some dried ones in wine? port?) atop some plain Greek yogurt, drizzled with Greek honey
- sliced ripe pear (raw) on top of a bit of cheese (goat cheese? parmigianno reggiano? asiago?), also drizzled with a tiny bit of honey and maybe a sprinkle of black pepper

There is obviously no cohesive theme to this plan. I would love to hear some suggestions - both meat and vegetarian - from 'hounds. The only thing I have to avoid is any kind of tree nuts or seeds, but peanuts are okay.

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