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Food solutions for lean times

hyacinthgirl | Mar 13, 200902:13 PM

I was sitting around with some friends the other day, when we all began talking about what we used to eat when we really had no money, for instance during college. Top Ramen and kraft mac n cheese prevailed, of course, but there were some interesting things that came out. One friend who's family could never afford to splurge on take out pizza growing up, was raised on white bread, ketchup and melted american cheese and she didn't know that wasn't what everyone considered "pizza" until she got to high school!

But the winner, I would say, was my brother. A notorious lover of bread, during his bachelor days right out of college (and right before a job), my brother used to eat "bread sandwiches." He explained that this meant toasting one piece of bread and putting it between two other untoasted pieces, so that you feel like you're eating a sandwich with something substantial in it as you crunched down...

What have you done, when you've been stretching the dollar that others have raised an eyebrow at?

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