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Food safety: Chicken adobo sauce left out


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Food safety: Chicken adobo sauce left out

OctoberOrchid | Jan 2, 2018 11:09 AM

I was doing a bunch of food prep last night and I cut up a bunch of vegetables. I had several mason jars out and without realizing it, I put the cut up vegetables into the mason jar that had some left over chicken adobo sauce from dinner. (It was dark and the kitchen had low lighting, but I know, hello!) My fridge is really full right now, so I left the veggies out overnight and then grabbed them this morning to bring to work and while getting them out to put them in my work refrigerator, I realized I had stuffed the veggies in the wrong jar.

I hate wasting food, so I was wondering with the adobo sauce having such a high concentration of vinegar in it, if it may have prevented the sauce from going bad. I remember reading a recipe for homemade mayo where the author said leaving the mayo out at room temperature wasn't a huge deal since it was so acidic. I'm not sure if that applies for this situation. There are no chunks of meat in the sauce, but there's probably some remnants in there. I don't even think I'd eat the veggies that are at the bottom in the sauce but am wondering about the veggies above that which may have only come in contact with a little bit of the sauce.

Do you think any of it is safe or should I just toss everything out?

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