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Food-related eggcorns


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Food-related eggcorns

greygarious | Jun 27, 2011 09:38 PM

An "eggcorn" is a word or phrase that is misused because the user misheard or misunderstood it, as compared to a simple typo. Usually the eggcorn (acorn) makes some sort of sense, e.g., an acorn is egg-shaped. In perusing the often-amusing entries in, I noted the following eggcorns and mondegreens, which are more or less food-related:
skimp milk
skin milk
bran new
tarter sauce
curve your hunger
slack your thirst
manner from heaven
sow wild oaks
soak wild oats
cut to the cheese
a bowl in a china shop
lack toast intolerant
chickens come home to roast
French crawler
bread and breakfast
pits and pieces
just desserts
busting tables
one fowl swoop
lemon aid
laughing stalk
slow gin
bullion cube
pass mustard
prefix menu
granola oil
black and red fish
make ends meat
cholester oil
with a grain assault

I'll confess that until a few years ago I did not know that it's "just deserts", from the French.

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