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Is Food popular just for the time being?


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Is Food popular just for the time being?

Jmalin | Aug 27, 2009 12:39 AM

It is doubtless to say that in the past 20 years in this country food has become much more of a popular topic. (The pas 9 years-even more exceedingly so.) It seems that not a day goes by a new food related television show is added to a non-food related station (Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, etc.) or I find out someone else I know is also going to culinary school. It has definitely been growing in popular culture; everything from movies, to books, to media feature food as a subject of interest. Movements like Slow Food and blogs like this one have taken off with popularity. Of course food has always been one of the monoliths of human culture but the animated movies I remember growing up with were about young boys finding genies and lions battling for power, not French Born rats cooking food designed by Thomas Keller. Can anyone (preferably someone academic) explain what happened recently to jettison food into vogue in american culture?

Could it be the backlash the conformist microwavable '50s? And, perhaps most recently the backlash from the power-dieting fad of the late '90s early '00s? (AKA Did everyone realize how bad dieting tastes?) Is it America's recent (20 years in the making) acquisition of its own high cuisine, and a new abundance of Michelin rated restaurants? Could it be the realization of global warming and popularization of "green" everything? (As the subject of farming--another recently popular subject--is just one step away from the subject of "green" products.)

If you can explain why this phenomenon is occurring, can anyone guess if and when food will go out of style?

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