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Have you ever given yourself food poisoning?


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Have you ever given yourself food poisoning?

greedygirl | Oct 11, 2008 01:11 PM

I was just reading the "would you eat the chilli that's been left out overnight" thread and was marvelling at the totally different attitudes to food safety and hygiene on these boards. (For the record, I totally would.)

I think by some of the standards here, I should have died already. I sometimes leave food out overnight and eat it the next day - never had a problem. I regularly eat stuff which is supposedly out of date - never had a problem. I'm even a cat owner. ;-)

So despite my rather relaxed attitude, I've never given myself food poisoning. In fact I think I've only had proper food poisoning twice - although one was a particularly nasty bout lasting three days in Morocco (seafood). So my very unscientific conclusion is that it's actually quite hard to be poisoned by food.


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