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Food Network Star, Episode 3 - Chopped Lite (SPOILER)

cmvan | May 28, 201206:00 AM

Well, this group actually took to the challenge pretty well apparently, even though they were faced with both the dreaded Baskets of Doom and the equally dreaded category of Dessert.

The judges' reactions particularly to the contestants' last moment platings were amusing - they really seemed to get into it, verbalizing more than we get to see in the actual Chopped. I especially enjoyed their reactions to Justin.

I did get a bit peeved when they did a teaser at one commercial break, showing Michelle getting spooked by the stares of what the editors made us think was clearly Alex Guarnaschelli, but turned out to actually be Giada. What was that all about?!

And my local boy, Eric Lee, did well again, and is perking up his presentations. Maybe we'll see him and Justin in the final.

As for the 2 at the bottom, it could easily have been either one to go. I think they chose Josh because he was unfocused, choked on camera, and got on their nerves with his 'rock star' schtick, which never really panned out.

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