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What Food Job Would You Like?


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What Food Job Would You Like?

cayjohan | Oct 17, 2008 08:50 PM

We all talk about what we cook, what we eat, where we eat, what we consider proper in our dining companions, what we deem the sensible ways of going forward foodwise. Good. I'd like to propose a question: what food job would you really like? We all like food and many of us work in the business of feeding people. I would like those employed in the food world to chime in, as well as the rest of us who think we know something.

I'll say that, hell and dammit, the food job I'd really like is butchery. Yes, I eat mostly veggies, but I find I have a love of for animals that we eat...and so would love, as a food job, to be responsible for treating that food respectfully. Plus, I really love anatomy, and it seems very cool to deal with food and science. Aaaaand, I've had some experience with this in my growing up. There it is.

There's my fantasy food job. Anyone else? Share why (really, why?), please?


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