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When a food is good it's good......when it's bad it's eeeehhhhhhh

jrvedivici | Mar 2, 201508:02 AM     65

There was a discussion on my regional board where someone was looking for a place for a "good steak". In the thread someone recommended Outback Steak House, and immediately the comments started "the OP asked for a GOOD steak house", admittedly I was one.

This got me thinking, it's true, to me there is a HUGE difference between a "good steak" and just a steak. What are some of your foods that you just can't compromise on?

Here's a few things that something has to be known as "good" before I can order it;

1.) Steak, if I'm going to Outback I know what to expect, but at most restaurants I'm not going to pay the price for a "good steak" unless I have some faith in the restaurant.

2.) Veal, there is good veal, then there is eeeehhhhhh veal. Again, never will I order veal on a first visit to a restaurant. Unless I have on good authority, like a few positive reviews on Chow, I will have to wait till a restaurant proves itself before I trust them and their veal.

3.) Much more selective is duck. God do I LOVE a good duck, God do I hate a bad overly foul, greasy/oily duck. I have really given up on regular restaurants to get any "duck fix" and rely mostly on a few select Chinese restaurants for my "duck fix". It's actually something that I guess has fallen out of favor over the years, when I was a kid duck was on a lot of menu's now you barely see it. (I'm 44)

So what are some of your it's gotta be good foods to order?

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