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Follow up on Wed. Farmer's Market


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Follow up on Wed. Farmer's Market

kevin | Jun 21, 2006 08:19 PM

yeah, i noticed the mulberries at the circle c stand, this was a stand that had a review in the times a year back or so for their famed persian mulberries.

I asked the guy at the stand how much they were and he did say 10 bucks for the plastic container. Didn't try it today. Hopefully, I will next week, that is if they will be having them. They are pricey as hell but what the hell.

Also, the stand that used to offer mulberries, for a few weeks back in April, i think, doesn't have them anymore that would be flor bella/three rivers farms.

Also, the boysenberries are great here, sweeter in my opinion than blackberries. I think Pudwick farms carries them along with currants (currently), blackberries, and rasberries.

I did try the blackberries at Harry's Berrie's and they were pretty darn good. If a little on the expensive side. I just wolfed down the container within a matter of seconds, i can't think of a better breakfast.

Also, the strawberry drink at Harry's Berries is nice.

And today, Joe Miller of Joe's on Venice along with Alain Giraud were both holding court at the market. Joe was actually at a stand preparing eats from farmer's market produce, along with a blood orange lemonade (that I'll have to try next time).

truly the best fruits/vegetables market currently in LA. I love berry season.

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