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I don't follow recipes and I don't measure


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I don't follow recipes and I don't measure

bigskulls | Apr 10, 2002 12:49 PM

Anyone else like me? I find that following a recipe "exactly" is nearly impossible and often produces terrible results. Measuring is part of it as well. I just toss in as much as seems right at the time and it almost invariably works. It may not be exactly as the cookbook author intended, but I've seen plenty of people who do follow recipes strictly come up with some mighty strange looking food. Then they wonder "what went wrong?"

I like cookbooks not for their instructions, but for the ideas they give you. I often just read components of a dish for ideas on good combinations, and if I'm interested further I'll check the ingredients list. It's harder for complicated dishes with many spice ingredients (I'm thinking Indian and Mexican food recipes).

Call me an idiot, but you'd finish what's on your plate at my place.....

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