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ACM | Nov 29, 200402:00 PM

Man, it's all too much. I used to be content with my good old all-purpose (unbleached) white flour. Then I experimented with other types, and before you know it I was in over my head. I need some clarifying, or a point in the right direction over some quiddities.
1: Bleached all-purpose: Lisa Yockelson calls for it plenty in "Baking By Flavor," she says it produces a softer crumb when compared to the coarser crumb of unbleached. Does anyone have an opinion on this topic?
Check out this link to see a relevant flour question with pictures of a recipe gone slightly awry (I could use some help on that too if you've got time...)http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?s...

2: As for sifting flour, some flour says it's "pre-sifted," if so, does it need to be sifted again. With the prevalence of the word "sift" in recipes, I would be suprised if the author didn't just mean sift regardless of the flour you use. What do ya think?

Thanks for you time!

Link: http://prettytothink.typepad.com/mino...

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