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Floating Rock

Abbylovi | Feb 10, 2003 02:35 PM

Yumyum, Galley Girl and I made the hallowed journey to Floating Rock on Saturday. From start to finish, the several hour long meal and experience has got to be one of my best in a very long time. If you're lucky, you have a meal with one or two dishes that score thru the roof. But almost the entire meal rocked my food richter scale.

I'll try and describe what we had in my ham-handed laymens terms with the hope that yumyum and GG will step in and describe the seasoning and herbage better than I.

Fish cakes: ok these arrived at the table and I thought to myself "ho hum, look at these boring brown nuggets." Look out though, those unassuming little cakes pack so much flavor.

Tiger Tears Salad: Beef salad with some kind of chilis, basil, very thinly sliced scallions (?) etc. Again, wow. From the title, you'd think this would be a searingly hot dish but it wasn't at all. I'm also usually not a huge fan of beef. Its ok and everything but its not pork, you know? This could be the one dish to win me over on beef. I was the lucky gal to get these leftovers. I'm shocked that there even WERE leftovers but there was so much food and so little stomach space.

Longbeans with fermened fish? This was a special written on the dry-erase board that we had our waitress interpret. It was one of those dishes that sneak up on you. My firt bite was good but then I had another...and another...and another. The crunch of the beans vs intense fish flavor was just something else. It was accompanied by cabbage and I think YY and GG said epazote leaves?

Noodle soup with seafood: a clear soup with broad noodles. Was that cilantro? Was that garlic? Such a great soup on a bitterly cold day.

I know I'm missing something. GG? YY?

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