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Please help me make a flavorful pork roast!


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Please help me make a flavorful pork roast!

MysticYoYo | Oct 31, 2012 01:03 PM

Just got back from the supermarket and I got two pork roasts in a "family pack" on sale. It's labeled "Pork sirloin end."

The one other time I cooked a pork roast it came out too dry and I don't want to kill these two again.

They are about the same size, skin on tip, combined weight 7.66 lbs. One is bone-in, one boneless.

I plan to cook them together (and pull the boneless out earlier if it's done sooner). Should I brine them over night in salt water? If so, kosher or sea salt and what ratio of salt to water?

Another other tips? I think I read on another Chowhound thread to pull out the roasts at 140 degrees. Does that sound right?

I am open to all tips about cooking times, rubs and brining. My late mother used to make a delicious pork roast, putting slivers of garlic into small openings in the roast. I wish I'd paid more attention to what she did to make her pork roasts so mouth-wateringly delicious with the skin crackly and oh, so good.

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