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"Flat or sparkling water for the table?"


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"Flat or sparkling water for the table?"

Fidelixi | Mar 15, 2003 04:41 PM

If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked this question...why, I'd order a bottle of water!

I find that nearly every waiter arrives at the table and immediately pushes bottled water. And then, far too often, exudes a huffy disappointment if said bottle hasn't been accepted. Am I the only one who finds this insanely annoying? I mean, they might as well arrive and say, "Red or white wine for the table?"

The pushiness is exasperating and immediately puts the diner on the defensive. I wonder if owners/managers are aware of this practice or, worse yet, if they encourage and condone it. Of course waiters want to push the bill but when it's done so artlessly and baldly frankly it turns me and my wife off so much that it discourages a return visit.

Do you think it's worth mentioning this to managers (in the unlikely case that they'd be sympathetic and disappointed in the waitstaff) or I am just slowly developing into a cranky wonk? Is it the "new" normal, along with rampant death defying tailgating -- and we should just suck it up and accept?

Maybe, just maybe, restaurateurs don't realize just how unwelcoming this practice really is.

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