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Flat Patties, Toscanini's, Forest Cafe, Cafe Mami, Cafe Japonaise


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Flat Patties, Toscanini's, Forest Cafe, Cafe Mami, Cafe Japonaise

Limster | Jun 18, 2006 01:41 AM

Flat Patties, Harvard Sq., Cambridge

Light, crispy fried haddock in a soft and airy bun. Minor quibble: cole slaw a little to finely chopped for me (prefer a good vegetal crunch to contrast the moist flakey fish). Like a good version of filet o'fish.

A primitive pleasure in the chillli cheese fries with a good base of cumin (I think) and other spices in the chili, sticky molten cheese and slightly soft fries.

Toscanini's, Harvard Sq., Cambridge

Nothing like a serious milkshake/frappe after the gumption of the greasy Flat Patties experience. White coffee totally hit the spot, smooth and achingly thick.

Forest Cafe, Porter Sq., Cambridge

A rather concentrated tomato flavour in the salsa dip, thinnish and very crisp chips.

A good dark mole with smokey undertones, a good growl of spiciness, all smoothly integrated, complex and luxuriant (menu highlights choclate, vanilla and coffee as ingredients). Wholely satisfying, even if it's not the deepest, most multifaceted mole I've ever had. Scattering of aromatic sesame seeds.

The pork loin underneath was dry, the meat seized a bit from a mild case of overcooking, but was otherwise an effective vehicle for the mole.

Nice rice, well oiled baby spinach leaves.

Cafe Mami (Porter Exchange), Porter Sq., Cambridge

A homey, and moderately thick pork cutlet set in a perfectly soft cooked beaten eggs and rice. Cool touches from finely chopped green onion and yellow semi circles of crunchy sweet and tangy pickles (made me long for the absent pickled julienned ginger). A satisfying mirin-sweet sauce, softly drenched over the egg and pork, insinuating into the rice, with a few leaves of sliced onion, pearly sweet in a different way.

Cafe Japonaise (Porter Exchange), Porter Sq., Cambridge

Buttery chocolate croissant (good smooth flavoured chocolate), more tender than shattering crisp.

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