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My first flaky pie crust gone bad....

cityhopper | Oct 11, 200903:09 PM

Well, I finally got the Cuisinart FP and was ready to try it out making a flaky pie crust which was going to be used as a topper on chicken pot pies. I used a simple (so I thought) recipe that required 1 1/4 flour, 1/2 c chilled shortening, salt [I used course sea salt], cold water.

I think my first error may have been within using part all-purpose flour and part KAF white whole wheat. Next, I used a vegetable shortening.

I mixed the dry ingredients in the FP [with the dough blade by apparently I should have used the large metals blade]. Then I added the shortening, broken into pieces. I began by pulsing the mixture and after a while, the Cuisinart FP experienced temporary heart failure. Reset the machine and no response.

I then dump the mixture into a bowl and grabbed the pastry blade to continue cutting the shortening. Added the tbsp of cold until the dough binded. Possibly another error here that I did not add enough.

I thought my dough was ready and formed it into a ball but it took a lot of effort. It was wrapped in plastic and sat in the fridge for about an hour. Take dough out and begin to roll and this sucker is breaking apart everywhere. Only parts are "gelling" together but the rest are merely crumbles.

I get a little frustrated at this point and half-heartedly form another ball/disc and re-roll out and the outcome was NO better. Still unwilling to give up on this crust. I make it work and cut out my discs for my mini pot pies.

I baked and everything smelled good. Cooked a bit too long as the crust was a little darker than what it should have been but not burnt. I dive in to taste and boy was it BLAND. It really wasn't flaky. It had a crust like texture but not flaky.

So, I am pouring out my heart to save myself next time. Here are my concerns....

1. Is it really possible to make flaky crust with KAF White Whole Wheat flour (even in a 1:1 ratio with all purpose).
2. Can this work with vegetable shortening? Should I have used more or less.
3. I don't have table salt on hand, is this going to be essential to my dough baking?

I should note that my Cuisinart FP revived itself. I am still a bit bothered it conked out from several pulses but I was using the wrong blade.

Congratulations to you if you made it through this long post. And double kudos if you respond :D

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