How do you find the right kitchen designer? [moved from Not About Food]


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How do you find the right kitchen designer? [moved from Not About Food]

CindyJ | Aug 2, 2011 02:42 PM

We're only in the talking stages right now, but we're thinking about doing a kitchen makeover. It's not just the kitchen that will be involved -- we have a little-used sitting area with a fireplace that's separated from my kitchen by a half-wall that we'd like to incorporate into the kitchen, too. I have no idea how to begin to find someone who can work with me on a design. Ideally, this person will be an independent designer who can recommend, but not be directly affiliated with, product suppliers.

Another question -- and maybe this isn't even answerable -- but, what is the "ballpark" rate I should expect to pay for a designer's time? I realize this can vary greatly by region, but I have no idea what I should expect to pay.

And, is this the best way to approach a project like this? Am I better off walking into Home Depot and talking to someone there, understanding full well that this person makes their living from selling Home Depot cabinets, appliances, flooring, etc.?

I'm already overwhelmed and we haven't even begun. I need some guidance, and I appreciate whatever advice anyone can offer. Thanks.

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