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Please help me find a particular blog

1POINT21GW | May 28, 201204:08 PM

I'm looking for a blog that I ran across last year and have searched for it exhaustively, but haven't come up with anything yet.

Here's everything I remember:

- The entire blog is dedicated to duplicating store-bought snack foods (like Oreos, Twinkies, Reese's Cups, etc.) at home. But, unlike many other's goals, the goal of this blog is to truly duplicate every single aspect of the food rather than trying to make it better tasting or textured or healthier.

- The blog is by a woman and, I'm almost positive, a man as well - both younger, around 30 years old give or take five years.

- The particular blog entry that caught my was on making homemade Oreos.

- She talked about decorating the homemade Oreos with filagree to approximate the look of the store-bought Oreo.

Past that, I've come up dry.

Please help me find this blog as she (she is who wrote the entry for the Oreos) used very scientific and exhaustive methods to duplicate these store-bought foods and I'd really like to plug back into this blog.

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