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i finally made it! first time at BLUE MARLIN


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i finally made it! first time at BLUE MARLIN

the delicious life | Jun 7, 2005 09:41 PM

well, as long as i've dined on sawtelle blvd, i could never say that i had been to BLUE MARLIN. now i can - YAY! and i can also say i've eaten UNI SPAGHETTI, but that doesn't deserve quite the same response - lol! here are my first impressions:
Blue Marlin's menu has a lot of things on it; and as if salads, curry and rice, noodles, and other hot or cold dishes weren’t enough, there are specials on a white board, and desserts on the chalkboard. I looked around and it looked like a lot of people were eating different varieties of curry, served in a low-sided copper pan on a wooden plate. All of the tables had little wooden boxes, too, but these had self-service utensils. They keep it very efficient at Blue Marlin.

But I didn’t feel like curry, even though that seems the popular item. I opted instead for the eggplant and walnut salad. I mean come on, how does one pass up eggplant? One doesn’t, so that’s what I ordered. Besides, I’d slip straight into a food coma after curry.

The eggplant salad was enormous, but I couldn’t see everything at first, since it was all buried under a giant wispy waving pile of julienned nori and bonito flakes. I had to put most of it on a small bread plate (though bread didn’t cme out until after the entrees came to the table!), lest I knock the tangly mess onto the table. The eggplant was chilled after cooking in a sticky sauce that was a touch too sweet. I couldn’t find the walnuts at first, but they were there, just very small pieces mixed in with the eggplant, not the greens. The greens had a slightly tart, but mostly sweet dressing, but not too much, since the sweetness of the eggplant/walnut was enough. The salad was okay, but when I go back (because I am going back) I will definitely try something else.

The Uni Spaghetti is how I got to Blue Marlin in the first place. It was a co-worker who told me that he likes the restaurant for its uni spaghetti. I couldn’t believe someone could come up with such an interesting and somewhat repulsive-sounding combination, and what’s more I couldn’t believe that my coworker says it’s good. As if uni spaghetti just wasn’t enough, he ordered from the list of specials, double uni spaghetti. He had to ask the server what double means. That doesn’t mean double the spaghetti; it means two scoops of uni. *ew* The server said “scoop,” like an ice cream scoop. Or “two scoops” in Raisin Bran. It made me chuckle (chuckle on the inside, though – I didn’t want to offend) Double the amount of uni. *yikes* I like uni sometimes, but I have to really work myself up to get into it. I mean we all know what uni is, right? Right, and I don’t eat organs.

A very artistic deep, wide mouthed wooden bowl came to the table, and down at the very bottom was what looked like a tiny portion of spaghetti, but it’s an illusion. The spaghetti was a faint brown, lightly coated with a sauce. Piled on top, just like the eggplant in my salad, was the uni with an afro of nori. The uni wasn’t pretty – I am guessing they use the broken leftover pieces of uni that are just as good quality, but not suitable for sushi presentation. Squished and mixed up like that, it looked almost better than the uni that looks like mustard colored cat tongues on sushi.

So, I tasted it.

It was weird.

I can't describe the flavor other than it certainly tasted like uni and spaghetti. I am still training my tongue to uni sushi. I’m not ready for spaghetti with two scoops of uni.


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