Finally! I found a good (non-sear) use for a cast iron skillet!

kaleokahu | May 6, 201210:32 AM

I had a minor epiphany last night with a big 'ole Descoware enameled CI skillet.

I was sauteing Portabella mushrooms for filling patty shells. When the 'shroom dice was done to my liking, there was still too much liquid in the pan. Rather than transfer or pour off the liquid, I just rocked the pan up on its shoulder, so that the shrooms stayed high and off the heat and the liquid drained and collected in the "bottom". With the pan offset on the hob and rocked up this way, the liquid was reduced to a glaze without the 'shrooms cooking more, and then the whole works was stirred back together with pita crumbs for the stuffing.

Seems to me like a rare case of turning a disadvantage (poor conductivity) to an advantage (one pan).

Anyone else do this, or have a similar trick?


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