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Finally went to Citronelle... lounge, for wife's 47th Bday. Our under $50 p/p dinner.


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Finally went to Citronelle... lounge, for wife's 47th Bday. Our under $50 p/p dinner.

stever500 | Oct 30, 2006 02:18 AM

So, I posted here the other day for suggestions on where to take my wife for her 47th bday with 2 friends, on a Sunday at 630pm for under $50 p/p. Some of you said to try Citronelle Lounge so we did.

I got there and noticed that parking was $10, so I thought I'd take a stab at finding a spot in Georgetown. I did find one, on K St, about a mile away! It was a long walk back to the restaurant to meet up with my wife who I dropped off earlier. I arrived to find her already seated in the lounge, having drinks with our friends who arrived early too.

For some reason, I didn't expect it to look like a restaurant bar lounge, but it did. I was distinctly unimpressed. I mean, it was restaurant bar lounge, so I'm not sure why it through me, but the table looked too tiny for the large armless chairs, and it had zero romantic atmosphere. I saw down, hoping they were thinking what I was thinking, so I asked them "So, maybe we could have a drink here and then head over to a more romantic restaurant in Georgetown, maybe Bistro Francais?" I had just passed it on the way to Citronelle and it looked like it was happening, the food smelled great, and I had eaten there many times before with little disappointment.

They said that they wanted to eat there so we did. We stayed, looked at the Citronelle menu and ordered the Mushroom cigars (per your suggestion) and the Tuna Napolean Nicoise to start and split 4 ways. I would have been happy just eating that incredible bread they served with the food. Even the butter tasted good.

The Mushroom cigars were interesting, a great novelty and fairly tasty, but nothing to scream with excitement about, other than their amazing visual appeal. The Tuna Napolean was 99% eaten by our friends and they seemed to really enjoy it. It was worthy of a picture. The tiny "egg" on the side was a great source of conversation. Of course it wasn't an egg but it sure looked like an egg. As you know it was mozzarella cheese and a tiny yellow tomato.

Next we got the Lobster Burger for my wife and I got the Tuna Burger, both with a scrumptious little salad with chopped tomatoes. Every bite of my heavily sauced Tuna Burger was delicious. We both seemed to like it better than the $28 Lobster Burger, though it was good as well.

Our friends also had a Lobster Burger and the Fried Chicken with dijon dip. It was a very large appetizer, the chicken, enough for a meal. He loved it.

Our waiter had a very thick accent but he was professional and attentive, despite the fact that we were basically eating in ... a bar. He explained all the ingredients of the dishes and really understood the menu. When it time for dessert, no one jumped on it right away. My wife was stuffed and I had to coax her to just say "yes" to the Chocolate Three Ways. We ended up all splitting this one dessert. When it came out, we were in awe of it. The shape of the 3 desserts in one was outstanding. It was a work of art, almost too pretty to eat. It deserved a picture and possibly and ode could have been written about it. Every bite was thrilling and made us all smile. After we each took our approximate 1/4 of each piece there was still a small amount left for my birthday girl to savor.

Was it worth $94 per couple? Not so sure. Was I glad we finally tried at least "part" of Citronelle? Yes. After we left, and my wife asked me how much it was, she mentioned that we could have gone to a place like Ruth Chris for the same amount of money. We usually split a steak there, a large salad, a side dish and a dessert. She intimated that maybe that would have been a better value for the money. We both agreed after talking about it for a couple of minutes that it was worth the money, and we were glad we got to try some of Richard's cooking. He was actually in Seattle for a book signing today, but you get the idea.

On to the next restaurant. We're trying Indique Heights for the first time this Saturday night, I'll be trying Oya for the first time with a group of friends this thursday night, and Zengo for the 2nd time Nov 14th.

Steve R
Silver Spring

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