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Please help finalize food focused Madrid & Barcelona itinerary (researched!)

indiefoodie | Feb 9, 201912:59 PM     13

Hello, I'll be traveling to Madrid & Barcelona for a week at the end of April this year. The sole purpose of the trip is to taste the delicious offerings in both these cities :) Based on what I read, I've come up with a tentative list of places and I would appreciate some help in narrowing down the list and adding them to the right slots in my itinerary.

Logistical information:
1. I'll be traveling solo. I live in NYC so I would prefer to try things that we don't do well here.
2. I do not speak Spanish.
3. I eat everything (prefer meat and shellfish over fish, not a big fan of vegetables).
4. I would like to experience the various varieties of food that these cities do well, e.g. traditional tapas, modern tapas, a molecular meal, etc. I'd appreciate any help in picking places so that I don't end up with a similar menu at all the restaurants I go to :)
5. I'm open to any price range. However, I find that I get tired of 3-4 hour tasting menus after a few so I would prefer to keep them to a minimum.
6. I'll be staying near the Tribunal subway station in Madrid & in Eixample in Barcelona

High on my list based on reviews I read
- Lakasa: Made reservations here
- Laredo
- La Raquetista
- DStage: A long, tasting menu. Not sure if the fact that I'll be eating at Disfrutar in BCN impacts this.

Good reviews but not as high on my list
- Hortensio
- Taberna Marcano
- Nakeima
- Moratin Vinoteca Bistro
- La Catapa
- Salino
- La Monteria
- Juan La Loca
- Cerveceria Cerventes
- Steet XO
- Alabaster
- La Manduca de Azagra
- Castelados
- Monteria
- Arzabal
- Navaja
- La Tasquita de Enfrente
- La Buena Vida
- Rafa: Sunday dinner?

High on my list based on reviews I read
- Barra Alta: Made reservations here
- Disfrutar: Made reservations here
- Bar Canete: Made reservations here
- Gresca
- Teoric: Unfortunately, it seems like this is closed the last week of April, first week of May
- La Pubilla
- La Gourmanda
- Alkima
- Enigma: Considering that i'll be going to Disfrutar and I don't think I'd like to do multiple molecular tasting menus unless, it's an absolute must go!
- ABaC: A long, tasting menu
- Blavis

Good reviews but not as high on my list
- Bicnic
- Mont Bar
- Pur
- Monocrom
- Estimar
- Sergi de Meia
- Taverna del Clinic
- Mala Hierba
- Plata Bistro
- Somodo
- Lluritu
- Capet
- Yakumanka
- La Estrella
- Sant Antoni Glorios
- Sants Es Crema
- Rilke
- Uma
- Spoonik
- Viana
- Paco Melagrano: Sunday lunch??
- Cerveceria Catalana
- La Mano Rota
- Cinc Sentits
- Angle
- Hisop

Meals in Madrid
- Late night dinner: ?
- Lunch: ?
- Dinner: ?
- Lunch: ?
- Dinner: Lakasa
- Lunch: ?

Meals in Barcelona
- Late night dinner: Bar Canete
- Lunch: Disfrutar
- Dinner: ?
- Lunch: Barra Alta
- Dinner: ?
- Lunch: ?
- Dinner: ?
- Lunch: ?

Thank you all very much!

Restaurante Lakasa
Taberna Laredo
La Raquetista
Barra Alta
Disfrutar Barcelona
Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica
La Pubilla
La Gormanda
Blavis, racó gastronòmic
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