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Fennel Pollen -- I don't think so

Bob Brooks | May 6, 200410:47 PM

Just acquired some fennel pollen from Surfa's in L.A. Having read some posts about this wonderful and exotic spice, I was eager to try it. Especially on something like the wonderfully bland palatte of a roast chicken.

Well, I did. It sucks! I followed the recipe from fennelpollen.com for a roast chicken. The flavor wasn't bad but the texture was ruinous. Imagine mixing very finely grit sand with your food. That's what you get.

The flavor is an interesting mix between anise and curry powder. More on the bland curry side, however.

So, does anyone know how to use this to proper effect?

Also, it's interesting to note that no restaruants I know of are featuring this in their menus.

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