Feeling burned by Swiss Diamond pans. Nontoxic, reliable alternatives?

The Dairy Queen | Jun 15, 201109:50 AM     87

I (used to) love my Swiss Diamond pans. They are truly nonstick. They are solid and conduct heat evenly. They are easy to care for--dishwasher safe. But, I guess I'm realizing that they really are "Teflon" even though the coating is not Dupont's Teflon branded coating. I own four of these pans and they are expensive. I'm really ticked that I was hoodwinked by the marketing people.

So, I'm back to square one. I'm looking for safe, nontoxic, (no leaching of harmful metals or releasing of toxic gas) cookware. I am feeling information overload from looking at all of the recommendations from eco-friendly sites. None of them talk about carbon steel as an option, for instance. Is it nontoxic? (I thought there was a great carbon steel nonstick thread here on CH but I can't find it anymore.)

I've seen some of the claims for Xtrema cookware. Also for Cuisinart's Greenware or Green Gourmet. But, after having been burned by Swiss Diamond, I'm leery of these too good to be true kinds of claims.Maybe I should just forget about newfangled cookware and go for the tried and true.

I know this question has probably been posed in one form or another zillions of times, so forgive me for asking again. I realize no cookware is perfect, but what's the all-around best cookware out there that is nontoxic? By nontoxic I mean that it doesn't leach harmful chemicals into your food or release toxic fumes into the air.

Nonstick would be great. Easy to care for would be great (I think this is one of the most important requirements: I hate our cast iron skillet because I don't want to bother cleaning it). Lightweight would be great. I am willing to spend whatever it takes within reason, but I do not want another Swiss Diamond debacle where I spend a bunch of money and have to replace everything in 3 years when I realize I've been duped by clever marketing.

Could you point me in the right direction, please?

Thank you


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