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Feeding the cancer patient who becomes a transplant patient

gimlis1mum | Nov 3, 201107:07 PM

Hi folks,

My hubby is currently going through chemo and if all goes well, will have a bone marrow transplant in the next month or so. I've been reading through the threads on feeding cancer patients to glean ideas for the chemo phase, but the post-transplant phase presents some new challenges.

DH will be immunocompromised when he comes home from the hospital, for a couple of months. They gave us a big binder full of instructions and basically he can't eat anything that isn't cooked at home, in our kitchen, right before he eats it. So our friends can cook for me & the kids, but I have to make all of his food. He can't eat leftovers, except for something like soup that cn be re-heated ina pan until boiling (microwaving is out, because of the risk that the food won't get hot enough).

So, I need to come up with things that can either be assembled in single-serving size, frozen, and then cooked right before he eats, or things that can be cooked and frozen in single-servings and then heated in a pan on the stovetop or in the oven. I don't want to make big trays of things, a la once-a-month-cooking, because he won't be able to eat much at a time and I'm tyring to think of higher-calorie foods than the rest of the family should be eating :-)

One thing I thought of was stuffed shells or manicotti - I can take a few from the freezer at a time and bake them with homemade sauce, as needed. I also ahve a foodsaver vacumn sealer thingy, might there be some way to freeze individual portions of something and then re-heat by dropping the bag in boiling water? That should get the temp up to the safe range, vs. the microwave...


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