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Feedback from a week's visit -- THANKS!


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Feedback from a week's visit -- THANKS!

geg5150 | Feb 24, 2008 01:03 PM

First of all, thanks so much for all of the recommendations for my visit this week. I just returned home and I'm hungry and sad already. I'll try to be brief.

Markt -- I was here early and sat at the bar. Cozy, too dark to read, but the bartenders were just chatty enough. The carbonades flamandes was tasty, the beef very tender... a good rec from the bartender on a chilly night. Frites were good, but would have been better if they were hotter. $39 for dinner with 2 beers before tip.

Pop Burger -- in the meatpacking district. Seriously not great. Burgers were warmish and the fries were cold and the bun was stale. The only point is for the fact that the burger was medium and not burnt to a crisp. What was I thinking? $12 down the drain. Boo.

Hana Sushi -- on the corner of 25th Street & 7th Ave in Chelsea. Tasty lunch, fresh fish and the chicken teriyaki was nice. My bento box lunch was about $15. I'd recommend it for a quick lunch.

8th Street Wine Cellar -- 8th Street between 5th and 6th Aves, great wines by the glass and lots of tasty bits for snacks! Newish, maybe only open a year or so.

Bar Veloce -- Chelsea. Loved the panini and bruschetta. The fig, pignole and proscuitto bruschetta was wonderful and so was the chick pea with herbs. I had a taste of several of the panini, we were sharing, and they were all just one better than the next. Great spot for snacks and visiting with friends.

French Roast -- 11th St & 6th Ave. Cute little place. Had a nice salade Nicoise and friend had a tasty egg white omelet with pesto, tomatoes and mozzerella. Nice breakfast or lunch stop. Reasonably priced. I think they're open either very late or 24hrs. Nice, big cafe au lait in a proper bowl. I think the bill was $35 or so with 2 cafes, salad and omelet with toast.

Malibu Diner on 23rd between 6th and 7th Ave -- seems to be a respectable diner. Had a quick breakfast and it was good. I'd head back for a standard, predictable diner breakfast.

Crispo -- Great! Loved it! Went early before the theatre and I'm super bummed that we weren't able to spend more time enjoying our meal and tasting more. The risotto balls and sausage stuffed sage leaves = perfection. A salad to share, and one veal and one lamb dish for dinner. With 3 glasses of wine the bill was just over $100 before the tip. Very nice. I will definitely visit here on my next trip for a proper dinner.

Uncle Nick's -- Hell's Kitchen on 9th Ave between 50th and 51st Streets. Really good Greek place. Wow, one of the biggest Greek salads with so much feta for $6.50 or so. The gyro plate was wonderful with rice, salad and pita. Soooo much food! Share! Great value. Seriously, share, you will not be able to eat it all.

Cafe HK -- Hell's Kitchen 9th Ave at 38th Street, I think. Cute little place with garage doors for windows. Bright, white and clean. My tomato & roasted fennel soup was good, as was my spinach salad with hearts of palm, roasted portobellos and peppers. A little overpriced for $18 (for both), I thought. But a decent sit down choice for a corner without many other options.

Corner Bistro -- we schlepped all the way to the WV for a burger on Friday morning in the snow. It was good. I liked it better than the BF, who said that he could do the same thing at home. But, the price...for $5.75, it's good. A thick, roundish hockey puck burger. The beef was a very fine grind and tightly packed, which we liked. And loved that they'd cook it med-rare for me. The BF gave the fries a 10 out of 10. Simple and tasty for a cheap lunch. Diet code was in a smallish beer mug and no refills, so $4 for 2 DCs was a bit. But, hey, what are you gonna do? I think this would be a great hangover meal.

Blue Ribbon Bakery -- West Village -- we headed down here past 11 last night for a drink and desert. We scored a super corner booth at the window and the staff was so nice! Not pushy or grumpy that we were only having desserts. Such a cozy place, I could spend time here for sure. We had our cocktails for a bit and then ordered a 1/2 order of the choc chip bread pudding and the creme brulee. The brulee was in a deeper dish than I've seen before, it was creamy and full of vanilla specks! The sugar crust wasn't super crispy, which leads me to believe that it had been sitting for a little bit. My bread pudding was better! With a scoop of vanilla ice cream and copious amounts of homemade hot fudge....Fab! Rich and delicious. I can't imagine eating a full order by myself, unless, of course, it was my meal. I want to come back here for dinner, too. The bill was $40 before tip, for 1 martini, 1 glass of cava and our 2 desserts.

Amy's Bread -- I just popped in here before a meeting for a cup of coffee and snack. I choose a prosciutto and black pepper twist. Wow, was it good! Really good! Very peppery and just the right amount of salty proscuitto in chewy twisty bread. Yum! And for $1.50 a filling snack for not much cash!

Billy's Bakery -- Chelsea, 9th Ave....What the heck is it with all of the ok cake and super sweet frostings on cupcakes in NYC? They're all beautiful, but the cake all seems dry/crumbly and the frosting is too sweet. Now, this was a better cupcake than Magnolia's, but still only about a 6 or 7 out of 10 in my book. What am I missing?

Thanks again you NYC chowhounders, you're the best!!!

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